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Pedagogical Management



Natalia Grima was born in San Miguel de Tucumán. She started her musical studies in the Provincial Conservatory of Music in this city. Later she started her piano studies in the Superior Institute of Music of the University of Tucumán under the guidance of Oscar Buriek. She graduated with the degree of Piano Professor in 2000 with outstanding qualifications. With the same conditions she graduated as Licentiate in Music at the Art College of the University of Tucumán. As a result of this she was distinguished by the Federación Argentina de Mujeres Universitarias in 2007 with the Medal FAMU, selected among the 82 best university averages.
In 1997 she was given a scholarship by the Fundación Banco Empresario de Tucumán to continue her studies with Carmen Scalcione in the city of Buenos Aires, where she travelled to periodically until 2000.
Miss Grima took part in piano master classes with Ana Laura Stampalia, John Gavalchín, Ralph Votapek, Pía Sebastiani, Silvia and Estela Kersembaum, Ana María Trenchi, Haydeé Schwartz, among others. Likewise she attended Lectures and Courses on Music Phenomenology by Master JORDI MORA
As a pianist she performed as solist with different orchestral groups in her native city, and she has also taken part in piano and chamber music recitals. Likewise, between 2001 and 2002 she was asked to take part in the Symphonic Orchestra of the University of Tucumán.
Together with her pianistic activity, she has been teaching children with the Suzuki Method since 1997. In this field she studied under Caroline Fraser, Doris Koppelman , Joan Krzywicki and Mary Craig Powell for the Teaching of Piano, and with Susan Grilli, Lucía del Río and Roxana del Barco for Early Musical Stimulation. Miss Grima has actively participated in a number of Courses, Meetings and Suzuki Festivals which were held in Argentina (Tucumán, Córdoba, Rosario and Buenos Aires), and also abroad (Chile and Perú). She was given a scholarship by the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) and the Suzuki Association of Perú to attend the International Suzuki Festival which takes place every year in the city of Lima. There she attended a number of courses and also gave piano lessons.
She also took part as panelist representing Argentina in January 2011, at the “V Latin American Suzuki Encounter” (Lima-Peru) with the post “EARLY MUSICAL STIMULATION FOR INSTRUMENT EXECUTION.
Her pedagogical capacity also includes courses of other methodologies: Dalcroze Method (Professor Iramar Rodrigues, Professor Pablo Cernik; Professor Clises Mulatis), and the Kodály Method (Professor Lydia Mills; Professor Carolina Wagner).
From 1997 until 2003 she was in charge of the piano professorship at the School “Educación del Talento Shinichi Suzuki”. During this time her pupils took part in a number of concerts and competitions where they obtained many awards. For this reason she was distinguished as “Outstanding Woman of our city” for her contribution to the Tucumán culture through the teaching of Piano.
Her pedagogical work also includes experience in MUSIC TEACHING in the EGB carrying out a Project to apply to the principles of SHINICHI SUZUKI PEDAGOGICAL PHILOSOPHY in school teaching.
In April 2004 due to merits she was called by the Instituto Superior de Música Univeristy of Tucumán to be in charge of the professorship of piano. In that same year she came to live in Capital Federal. In this city she teaches piano at the Collegium Musicum since 2005, and at the Buenos Aires Suzuki Centre between 2005 and 2008. She is founder and pedagogical Headmistress at the Suzuki Piano School in Buenos Aires, where she is Piano and Early Musical Stimulation professor.

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